March 4, 2023

Girls Room Color Ideas - The Ultimate Color Scheme Guide

Are you looking to redo your’s or your daughter’s room? The key to your success will be in the color scheme you choose. There are 18 decillion (yes, that’s a number!) colors out there, so how do you even begin to narrow that down?

Well, in this article I’ll be covering:

  • My 18 best and brightest colors for your girl’s room
  • How to pair these colors with decor choices
  • Advice for how to age your design with your girl!

Ready to get started? Let’s get into it!

Blush Pink


For a classic girly girl’s bedroom, blush pink is an excellent choice. 

It is most popular for girls between the ages of 2–7 who are in their major unicorns and princesses phase! 

However, for others, this color will remain a favorite well into adulthood. 

This color pairs well with white or cream-colored furniture but can also be cute with baby blue or yellow furniture and details. 

Younger girls may like to include purple details in the theme, but I’ll warn you: this combination doesn’t tend to age well!


periwinkle color solid background

Periwinkle comes in a variety of shades which range from bold to gentle. 

This means that – if you pick the right shade – you can create a vibrant room that's fit for an up-and-coming teen! 

(But if you pick the wrong shade, you might end up with a room that’s fitter for an elderly person.)

A bold periwinkle shade works well in combination with bright oranges and reds. 

This color scheme is funky and fun. It can also be adapted as the style of the room’s inhabitants evolves. 

Dark natural wood or white are also excellent color matches for furniture in a periwinkle room.


aqua color solid background

Aqua-colored walls with white furniture are a match made in heaven. That’s because it actually looks heavenly, creating the feeling that you’re floating on a cloud!

However, this combination can be spiced up by adding pops of rose pink, hot pink, or orange. Baby yellow is also a cute match.  

This color can be the foundation for several different themes. If you are thinking of a hipster or surfer-girl theme, aqua is the perfect color. It is also ideal for a French vintage-style room. 

If the room's inhabitant is of an age where her interests and tastes are quickly transforming, aqua is a great base for accommodating a range of diverse styles. 

Muted Aqua

Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.20.15

Muted aqua is a more dialed-back tone of aqua, as discussed above. This is a timeless color that is even more adaptable than regular aqua. 

Muted aqua walls are almost neutral but a bit more interesting with their blue tinge. This means it is accommodating to a whole lot of colors such as orange, red, yellow, or pink. 

You can even combine all of these colors and it won’t clash with your muted aqua base! 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.24.00

Mint is another dignified color that ages well, as it is suitable for young girls, teens, and even adults!  

Paired with pink and touches of yellow, this is the perfect base for a unicorn-themed room.

As the room’s inhabitant ages, removing these brighter colors will make way for something new. 

Try adding white-colored furniture and perhaps some golden touches to make for a totally teen room! This color also works well as a base for a vintage French-style room.

Dove Gray

Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.25.11

Dove gray is a rather somber color on its own, but it is ideal for styling in different ways by adding any colored details that you like. 

You can literally add any color to the room or bedroom and it will match dove gray. Pink and white go especially well in combination, but anything else will also be a success. 

For this reason, dove gray is one of the most versatile room colors on this list – perfect for the girl who is likely to change her mind a lot.  


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.26.42

Coral as a color is a mix between orange and pink. This makes it a bit more suitable than rose or hot pink as, with age, many girls start to despise these colors!

Coral is more fun and vibrant with its warmer tone. It is less “little girl” and more “teen queen”!

Yellow, as well as aqua, are great matches with coral. With yellow and coral giving off a sunset vibe, a surf-themed room is easy to put together on top of this base. 

You can also go for a bohemian or hipster-style room by adding different colored photo frames, patterned cushions, and blankets! 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.28.21

Amethyst is a deep and beautiful color, which many girls aged 10 and upward choose to go for. Shades of green and orange go well in combination.

One problem with the color amethyst is that it has a rather dark accent! This can be a bit overwhelming and the room’s inhabitants may tire of it quickly. 

If amethyst is one of your options, I suggest making it a feature wall color and leaving the rest of the walls white. This will allow for a great hit of amethyst while keeping things light and mature-feeling. 

This also makes it easier to change color schemes in the future. 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.29.25

Turquoise is a favorite among girls aged 6 and upward. It’s a super fun color that works well in combination with a wide range of other colors. 

You can add yellow, green, orange, red, and pink to the color scheme and none will clash with turquoise. 

This is why it is a great base for a rainbow-themed room with furnishings and details of all colors. White trim and furniture go particularly well with turquoise.


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.36.59

Navy is a room color that ages very well, as it can host pink shades as well as a more mature palette. 

It is a rather royal color that will always appear dignified and classy! Navy, white, and rose pink match beautifully for a younger girl’s room.

If your girl tires of this combination, try navy with white and either red or gold. Both of these options are classic and create a definite feeling of opulence!

Lemon Yellow

Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.37.51

Lemon yellow is a very cutesy color for a girl's room. It is a great host color for shades of green, blue, and pink, and is perfectly complemented by white trimmings and furnishings. 

Awaking in this room will feel like you’re witnessing the sunrise, or that you have slept on the petals of a daisy!

Girls aged from two to eight will enjoy this color and the brightness it brings to their lives.


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.40.11

Taupe is another base color that is perfect if you want something more interesting than plain white, but need something subtle for when it comes time to move. 

It matches well with a great number of colors, from green to pink to red. Taupe is a nice option to complement differently colored feature walls, such as berry or amethyst. 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.47.49

Ivory is one of the most popular shades of off-white. It is a luxurious option that gives the room a bit more elegance than plain old white. 

This is another great option for complementing a colored feature wall. Alternatively, it can also stand alone as the sole wall color. 

Ivory makes for a blank canvas for the room's inhabitant to choose whatever they want to decorate their room with, and works well with every color you can think of. 

If you are a fan of bare-wood furnishing, then ivory is potentially the best color to complement these. 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.49.34

This is another color that I suggest is best enjoyed in moderation!

Why not try three white walls, with one feature wall painted berry? Choose the most prominent wall of the room, and ideally the one that the bed head rests against. 

Lighter shades of pink and purple are excellent colors for features and furnishings within your berry room. 

Shades of green also work well to complement the richness of the berry, and to balance things out a bit. 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.50.38

Greige is a warmer tone of gray and another ideal base color for you to work off when styling your room. 

Shades of orange and yellow work very well with greige, bringing out those warmer tones.

Details and furnishings in various shades of green also work well with a greige base color. Essentially, you can add a pop of any color you like to liven up your greige room!


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.51.47

Peach may be the ultimate girl’s room color. Fun, bright, and warm, this color is versatile and will gloriously tint the happy memories of times had in this room. 

Blue, green, and yellow all work perfectly next to peach, and together make for a vibrant and cozy feel. This will be the perfect room for both play and snuggling up for a nap! 

White or ivory is an essential complement to peach, so it's perfect for curtains, bedding, and furnishings. 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 19.52.28

If your girl is a purple fanatic – but you’re not keen on painting the entire room purple – try suggesting silver instead! 

Silver is the best complement to purple, so it is the perfect plain-base color to host her purple furnishings and features.

Metallic silver is the best, but it can be rather expensive. Matte silver can also work and be exaggerated by adding features like a metallic silver chandelier or cushions. 

If you’re after a super elegant color scheme that is fit for a princess, silver and gold is another combo that you might like to consider!

These colors in combination with an even more neutral base color (such as white) can be timeless and provide a sure sense of luxury. 


Screenshot 2023 03 04 at 20.28.23

Rose is a pretty color for young girls who adore all things pink! It is a subtle shade that is more pleasant than shades such as hot pink.

However, as is the case with all pinks, it tends not to age well. 

For this reason, you might consider painting only a feature wall rose pink and leaving the rest neutrally colored. This will make it easier to change the room’s color scheme when it comes to that time. 

White, gold, and green are my favorite colors to match with rose pink. White-washed vintage furniture with gold trim is the ultimate choice for furniture in a rose-colored room. 

Key Takeaways

As you can see from this extensive list, there are plenty of excellent colors to bring your dream girl’s room to life! 

In my experience, I’ve found that aqua, peach, coral, and turquoise are the ultimate colors for their timelessness and their ability to match well with other colors. 

But often, the safest option to avoid full-on repainting after only a short time is to paint only a feature wall of your chosen color. 

Having only one wall to repaint reduces the job by 75% and allows for a more frequent change! 

It is also a tasteful way to incorporate your color into the room without it becoming overbearing or tiresome. 

Imagine: an entirely red room is super intense, but a room with only one wall painted red while the rest are neutral is romantic, cozy, and inviting.

Whatever color choices you choose, now you know how best to pair them with other colors and decor. Happy decorating!

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