September 10, 2022

Bedroom Rug Placement - Everything You Need to Know

When styling and choosing furnishings for my bedroom, I always look for beautiful splashes of color to revive and uplift the soul!  But, when it comes to my bedroom rug, I want style and something soft to put my feet on every time I get off the bed.  So, the placement of my bedroom rug has to be just right!

The bedroom rug placement is determined by the size of the rug, bed, and room.  The right placement of the rug will enhance the style and design of the bedroom.  The bedroom's focal point is the bed; the rug frames the bed, anchors the room, and harmoniously brings the décor together.

This article has many ideas and guidelines to follow in case you're looking for some bedroom placement ideas.

How To Position An Area Rug In A Bedroom 

When placing a rug in the bedroom, consider the size and layout of the room and the size of the bed.  Also, consider the furniture that goes with the bed, like the side tables, nightstands, or a bench or settee at the foot end of the bed.  

Here are some ideas and considerations on positioning the area rug in the bedroom!

Under The Bed


When positioning a rug completely under the bed:

  • The bed should cover 2/3 of the rug
  • The rug should extend at least 12" to 18 " from the sides and the foot of the bed
  • There should be at least 10" to 20" of space between the edge of the rug and the base trim of the wall.
  • The rug should either fit completely under the nightstand or place the rug lower down under the bed, just in front of the nightstand.

Layering Under The Bed


Add some extra flair to the bedroom and place a rug over the area rug.  Choose a different rug from the area rug, such as the shape, size, color, or texture.  Be even more creative and choose a color on the opposite side of the color spectrum (red/white, blue/orange).  Place the lighter-colored rug underneath and the brighter and bolder colored rug on the top.

Runners On The Sides Of The Bed


Runners would be a good placement in my bedroom as the flooring is beautiful wood, and I don't want to cover it up.  The side runners will give me the soft feel under my feet for that first step out of bed and give the room a cozy feel.  A point to remember here is that the runners must not be longer than the length of the bed.

Oblique Angle

For added style, place a medium-size rug at an oblique (slanting) angle underneath one corner of the bed in larger rooms for a stylistic design.

What Size Rug For The Bedroom And The Bed

Consider the size of the bedroom and the bed when choosing the right size rug.

Small Bedroom And Twin-Size/Full-Size Bed

Here are some options for rugs sizes for a small bedroom:

  • Select an area rug that will fill the entire space of the room, except for an open space of 8”, on all sides, between the edge of the rug and base trim of the wall.  The size bed will not matter as the floor area is well covered with the rug.
  • If the rug does not cover most of the room, here are some rug sizes that fit with bed sizes for small rooms :
Bed Bed SizeRug SizeFit of the Rug
Twin38”W x 75”L4ft x 6ft or 5ft x 8ftFits bed and a nightstand
Full54”W x 74”L5ft x 8ftFits bottom 2/3 only, no nightstand
Full54”W x 74”L8ft x 10ftFits bed and nightstand
Full54”W x 74”L9ft x 12ftFits bed, nightstand, and foot end bench

Large Bedroom And Queen-Size Bed

For a large bedroom, use these guidelines:

  • Don't choose a rug that is too small for the room as this will look off-balance.  The rug should fill most of the room (except for the 8"space between the edge of the rug and the base of the wall).
  • Choose a large enough rug to either fit under the dresser or that will leave at least 2" or 3" of the floor showing between the edge of the rug and the dresser.
  • If the rug does not fill the room, below are rug sizes that fit the bed sizes for larger rooms:
BedBed SizeRug SizeFit of Rug
Queen60”W x 80”L5ft x 8ftFits the bottom 2/3 but not the side nightstands
Queen60”W x 80”L8ft x 10ftFits the bed and under the side nightstands
Queen60”W x 80”L2 x 5ft x 7ftFits on either side of the bed.

Note:  the 2 rugs that fit on either side of the bed will create a unique look for the bedroom, but as there won't be a rug at the foot end of the bed, placing a trunk or bench here could look odd.

How To Style A Rug In A Bedroom

A beautiful rug can set the tone in a bedroom and stylishly bring the furniture together and create a classic look.  It can also separate large rooms into different areas, creating a visual frame around the furniture.  When choosing a rug for the bedroom, consider the function, rug material, the style of the room, and what will best fit the visual look of the room.

Function and Durability

The user determines the functionality of the rug; for instance, if the rug is for young children, consider the color and material of the rug.  A rug that will not easily show dirt and is durable will be best suited.  

Rug Material

When choosing a material for the rug, consider if it is easy to clean, hold color and not easily fade.  The types of material used for rugs are:

  • Wool Rugs -  Wool rugs are naturally durable, are color-retentive, perfect for high traffic areas, and give a soft and cozy look.  Keep in mind that wool does absorb a lot of moisture, so if the climate is humid, regularly check for signs of mildew or mold.
  • Natural Fiber Rugs - Rugs made from sisal, jute, and seagrass look chic and give a warm organic look.  Sisal and seagrass are very durable and suitable for children's bedrooms.  Jute gives an earthy and organic vibe to a room and is ideal for a guest or master bedroom.
  • Synthetic Fiber Rugs - Made from Nylon and Polypropylene, this material is stain and fade-resistant.  Perfect if there are pets that share the home.

Pile Height

How thick should the rug be?  

  • Low pile rugs have tight, short, and dense textures.  They are easy to clean, are durable, and can withstand heavy traffic.  Rugs with a flat weave are low pile textured.
  • High pile rugs have tall and loose loops, which are more difficult to clean but offer a plush, warm and cozy feel to the bedroom.  Shag rugs have high pile textures.

Layer Rugs

Layered rugs are interior decorating art and look stunning in the bedroom.  Place a large rug of a muted color under the bed.  Lay a beautifully colored or patterned runner, on top of the rug, on each side of the bed.

Irregular Shapes

Add small irregular-shaped rugs such as faux fur Sherpa or cowhide rugs next to the bed or at the foot end of the bed to add texture and warmth to the floor.

Style of Rugs

These are a few rug styles that would fit into bedroom décor:

  • Patterned Rugs - Choose a patterned rug if the wall and furnishings are solid colors.
  • Monochrome Rugs - Textures and patterns give depth and interest to the bedroom even though the colors are neutral whites, creams, grays, and black.  
  • Persian Rugs - This style is timeless and looks beautiful in bedrooms.  Persian Rugs come in many shades and prints.
  • Graphic Rug - Some popular graphic designed rugs have chevron, diamond, or abstract patterns and will show off in any bedroom.
  • Moroccan Rug - Stunning geometrical patterns and vivid colors will add rich texture to the bedroom.  Authentic Moroccan rugs are hand-made, and their beauty is true mastership.
  • Shag Rug - This rug will make any space warm and cozy.  Place the rugs next to the sides of the bed or at the foot end under the bench or settee.

How To Choose A Rug Color For The Bedroom

The color of the décor and rug creates the overall mood of the bedroom.  Choosing a rug for the bedroom is usually done after the furnishings have been selected, so the rug's color should fit in with the décor.  Some designers often select the rug first and then choose the furniture to match.

Either way, if the room already has a calm palette, choose a carpet that pulls in color from the walls, furniture, and soft furnishings.  I always pick a color that I love and can happily enjoy every day.  Bedrooms have a mood of their own created by the color, the feel of the carpet, and the furnishings, and this personal space should always have a welcome home feel.

Here are some guidelines when choosing the color of the rug:

Light Tones


A tip to remember is that lighter tones make a small room seem larger.   Laying a light-colored carpet against a dark-colored wall backdrop will look amazing and make the carpet stand out.

Dark Colors


Don't lay dark-colored carpets in dimly lit areas.  It will create a dark space, and the mood could be depressing.  If that's the case already, here are some tips on how to deal with dark spaces. However, dark carpets will be a much better fit in naturally brighter areas with large windows.

Contrasting Shades


If the color of the walls and shades are similar, choose a rug with a tone directly opposite the color wheel for a complementary look.  On the other hand, if the walls are warm-colored, choose a rug of an opposite color to create a harmonious look.

Layering a dark wooden or carpeted floor with a light-colored rug creates the same harmonious effect.  Also, the room will not look busy and stuffy.

Cool-Colored Rugs


Stepping into a room with a bright and bold color on the walls is exciting, but there are times when soothing colors are required to bring a mood of calmness.  Tone the mood down by choosing a more soothing shade for the rug.  For example, pale colors of blue, purple, or green will do the trick!

Warm-Colored Rugs


A rich and warm-colored carpet like vivid orange, red, or chocolate brown will give a splash of color to the bedroom.  It will also be the focal point if the walls are softer and more muted.

Multi-Colored Rugs


Match flashy patterns to quiet tones of walls and bedding in the bedroom.  Multi-colored rugs match perfectly with solid color décor.  A tip to remember is that excessive tones of patterns can look very busy.  

Choose a rug with two or three multi-color shades, side-by-side on the color spectrum (green/gray/blue) to give the room a stylish look.  A rug with colors of deep red is exciting and warm, whereas tan and brown create an earthy feel.

Solid Colors Rugs


Solid-colored rugs create a muted effect, rather allowing the furniture or artwork in the room to be the focal point.  Solid colors compliment these focal points, so choose carpets made from natural wool or woven textures.

What Size Rug For The Master Bedroom

For the Master Bedroom, if it is large enough, a King-sized bed would be ideal.  Choose a rug to fit the bed size and the size of the bedroom.  Also, consider the rug's placement when choosing the size of the rug.

The rug should extend 18”to 24” beyond the sides of the bed.  Remember to place nightstands completely under the rug.   Or, move the rug down under the bed, so the nightstands are not under the rug.

Here are some rug sizes for the different placings:

  • Under the bed - Oppositely place the rug to offer enough space on the sides of the bed for a soft landing for the feet.  An 8ft x 10ft rug would fit nicely here.
  • Use 2 smaller rugs - Place a rug on each side of the bed, or instead, place a rug at the foot end of the bed.  Colorful rugs will add elegance to these settings, and rugs sized 5ft x 8ft would be best.  Fluffy rugs of the same size will look good next to the bed.   Or, if the room is large, create a separate space with a comfortable chair for reading or just relaxing.
  • Large over-sized carpet - Place a large-sized carpet 9ftx12ft under the bed for a large rug area.
  • Ombre rug - An Ombre rug placed under the bed with a darker color towards the headboard will make the room seem bigger.  Opt for an 8ft x 10ft Ombre rug 
  • Round rug - A different shaped rug will create a unique look.  Place a 6ft round rug under one side at the bottom of the bed with a few cushions to make a bold statement.  Use the same size rug at the foot end of the bed.  Place a 12ft round rug under the bed.  It will not fit under the nightstands but create a lovely contrasting shape under the square bed.
  • Pelt Rugs - A faux pelt rug creates a beautiful flare to the bedroom.  The organic shape adds a unique look to the room.  Place this free-form shape rug at an angle under one side of the bed or the foot end of the bed.

Below is a summary of the rug sizes for the Master bedroom:


When it comes to placing a rug in the bedroom, there are many different ideas to create the tone and enhance the room's look.  Consider the bed size and the shape of the rug when choosing the right size rug to fit the room. 

The rug's color must fit in with the décor, either muted and toned-down colors or vibrant, bright and exciting hues and patterns that add striking nuances to the bedroom.  Either way, a beautiful rug is essential for furnishing the bedroom.


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