October 30, 2022

Mastering Wall Decor For Bedroom in This Step-by-Step Guide

Wall decor for bedrooms feels almost limitless. You'll find that you have an abundance of options to choose from, and that leads to confusion. What will look good on your wall?  What will brighten up the space?

In the guide below, I'm going to walk you through how to decor bedroom walls like a professional.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you want to bring style to your space and want a few rapid ideas that can help, consider the following:

Romantic Wall Ideas

  • Couple’s picture walls add a touch of romance and a “walk down” memory lane for the couple
  • Love decals or quotes are a great addition above your bed, especially some of the cute love quotes available
  • His and her initial signs are popular, and some people add fun options here, such as signs that say “little and big spoon”

Rustic Wall Ideas

  • Vintage signage is really in style and fits in every vintage space
  • Hanging old instruments is a nice touch – if you have the budget
  • Wooden mantels are very popular and fit the rustic room perfectly

Modern Wall Ideas

  • Abstract artworks scream “modern” and can add color to the space
  • Geometric wallpapers can complete the modern look of a room
  • Three-panel paintings are very popular right now

Boho Wall Ideas

  • Hanging, colorful rugs scream “boho”
  • Wooden objects, such as bowls or other items work well
  • Woven baskets are another popular choice

Black & White Wall Ideas

  • Gallery walls with old, black and white prints
  • Mini chalkboards add a touch of fun to the space
  • Black and white paneling can make the room look upscale

Of course, these are just the start of the items that you can find. All of these styles are extremely popular right now and should be considered. Another thing to keep in mind is the actual durability of wall coverings, depending on what products you'd like to use. Let’s take a look at how you can decorate different types of walls in your space.

How To Decorate Bedroom Walls

Now that you have a few ideas for your walls, let’s look at how to decorate different walls in your space:

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom

Slanted and angled walls are a little difficult to decorate the first time, and they tend to make the space feel automatically smaller. However, there are a few ways to decorate these walls that are perfect:

Tall to Small Galleries

Add picture galleries to the wall with larger pictures in the middle and then smaller pictures as you get closer to the slant in the wall.

Opt for Bright Colors

Slanted and angled walls make a space feel small. Bright colors, especially white, will help the space feel bigger, so add some of these wall decor items here.


Mirrors are a good option to make the space look bigger and are the perfect way to add color or brightness to the space when angled at a window properly.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great, fun way to add life to your space and turn slanted walls into a functional space with a nice bit of color.

How To Decorate Bedroom Walls With Pictures

Pictures are a great way to decorate your bedroom walls. You can choose to hang your own photos, or prints that you love.

You can create a gallery wall with photos of different sizes, or choose to hang frames that are all the same size. No matter which one you choose, make sure that your photos look balanced. 

Choose frame colors that complement your room’s color scheme and are easy for you to hang.

If you want to tie everything together with your photos, consider choosing photos with similar colors or hanging black and white photos. Taking this approach will help create cohesion to keep the room looking balanced and inviting.

How To Decorate Bedroom Wall Over Bed

The wall space above the bed is often neglected. Depending on your space and the layout of your room, you may be fine leaving that wall empty. But most people will find that decorating the space above the bed can make the room feel cozier and inviting.

But how do you begin to decorate this wall? Here are some ideas:

Hang a Map

One unique way to fill the wall space above your bed is to hang a map. Of course, vintage maps have such character and old-world appeal, but you can also go for something a little more modern.

Maps are a fun way to decorate, and if you love to travel, you can also use your map to mark off all of the places you’ve visited.

Create a Mini Gallery Wall

Another great way to decorate the wall space above your bed is to fill it with memories. Create a mini gallery wall with your favorite photos. These could be family photos, photos with friends or even landscape photos you’ve taken on your travels.

Hang Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a simple way to decorate the wall over your bed, try wallpaper. Hang stick-on wallpaper on the wall behind your bed. This will create an accent wall that will become the focal point of the room. 

The great thing about this idea is that you don’t have to do anything else to decorate the wall. The wallpaper will do that for you. 

Hang Art and Sconces

If you don’t want to create a photo gallery wall, you can hang art and sconces above your bed. Art will add color and interest, while the sconces will add soft lighting.

What To Put On Bedroom Hallway Wall Decor

Bedroom hallways can be tricky to decorate, especially if they are narrow. But if you don’t add something to the walls, you risk making this space feel cold and dark.

Here are some great ideas for decorating bedroom hallways:

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are a great addition to any hallway because they reflect light. They can help make the hallway look and feel bigger and brighter.

Depending on the size of your hallway, you can hang:

  • One large mirror at the end of the hallway
  • One large mirror on each side of the hallway
  • A group of mirrors (gallery wall style)

You can also mix a few smaller mirrors in with photos, art or other wall decors for a more eclectic look if that’s your style.

Hang Family Photos

Family photos are an obvious choice for bedroom hallways. This wall space is perfect for showing off some of your favorite family memories and special occasions. Best of all, everyone in the family will see these photos each time they walk down the hallway.

It’s a nice reminder of happy memories and time spent together.

Hang Art

Art is another obvious choice for hallway decor. Choose pieces that you love or that will help you start your day with a positive outlook. 

You can easily create gallery walls in your hallway with different art pieces that you love. To tie it all together, choose matching frames in colors that complement your hallway wall color.

Add Lighting

Along with art and photos, you can also install lights to brighten up your hallway and even draw attention to your hanging décor.

Hanging lights above artwork, for example, can instantly transform your hallway into an art gallery.  

Wall sconces are a great choice for the bedroom hallway because they add warm, cozy lighting.


If you have kids, hanging a chalkboard in the bedroom hallway can be both functional and stylish. You can add chores or reminders. Kids can also draw pictures, or family members can leave notes for one another.

Keep in mind that with all of these ideas, you can choose to focus on the hallway walls, or you can focus just on the wall at the end of the hallway.


Decorating your bedroom walls can help make your space feel more like your own. From art to photos and unique items, wall decor can completely transform your space. Use our guide to help create your dream bedroom.

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