December 11, 2022

7 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects are exciting and fun to do. When you tackle them as a DIY adventure, you can save yourself money. While you should keep some projects for a professional, there are plenty of easy DIY projects you can start digging into.

What You Should Know Before Beginning a DIY Home Improvement

As you're considering giving your home an overdue refresh, it may be tempting to dive in. Don’t reach for your paint and toolbox quite yet, though.

There are a few things you should know before fully embracing these improvements.

What to start with first

Whether you’re a Pinterest or TikTok fanatic and see home improvement ideas on there - or maybe you have genius ideas on your own - first think about the most important thing to improve. For example, if your cupboards are not shutting right or starting to fall apart, it’s best to start with that project. 

While painting your front door may sound more fun, it’s best to think logically and cross off the improvements as you move along. Create a to-do list, and you will save your frustration through the process.

Tools to keep handy

Make sure you have all the necessary tools on hand. You don’t want to be halfway through a project and realize you don’t have the necessary equipment. Also, keep safety glasses and gloves on hand.

What improvements should you probably hire out

If you have some electrical work and want to change light fixtures, electrical boxes, or reroute your plugins, you should hire an electrician unless you have professional experience. Plumbing work should also be left to a professional. While you can handle easy improvements like switching out a faucet, anything more complex needs professional hands in the project.

Here are 7 Home Improvement Projects That Are Easy Enough For the Average Homeowner

Replacing Faucets


One of the most aesthetically pleasing home updates is replacing the faucets around your home. Some people skip this project and think you need plumbing experience. All you have to do is make sure you turn off your water supply, remove the old faucet, and replace it with the new one. There’s nothing like changing out an old, outdated faucet. Just that alone can bring significant change to a kitchen sink or bathroom.

Painting Doorknobs


Throwing some paint on your doorknobs can bring a whole, new fresh look to your doors. For example, if you have a white door, painting the doorknob black can transform your space to shift it towards a clean, sleek, modern look.

Painting Hallways


If you have a plain white hallway, you may find it challenging to decorate. It may seem like no matter what you do, it’s never enough, or it’s “missing something.” Some paint can work wonders. For example, you can add a quick pop of color like teal or another bold - or even natural, warm - color. Painting can change the look and feel in just one day. It’s a project that is easy to do yourself but brings extraordinary results.

Updating Kitchen Cabinets


Whether your home is old and you have wooden cabinets that may be reaching their lifespan, or maybe you are just sick of seeing the same color you’ve had for years, upgrading is the way to go. You can either update your cabinets by adding fresh paint or overhaul your entire cabinet space. For example, if your cabinets are in perfect condition but you’re sick of the color, you can easily change that. But if you feel your cabinets are old and not holding up the way they used to, you may want to consider replacing them. New kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a major upgrade.

Old Bathroom Cabinet Ideas


If your cabinet is in nice shape, consider adding a pop of color. You can add one color or make it rustic looking. Another idea is to update the hardware to make the cabinet look more updated. Throwing on some new handles and other hardware pieces can completely change the look of your bathroom cabinet. Read more on how to plan a bathroom renovation from scratch.

Reupholster Furniture


If you have a chair or couch in your home that you don’t want to part with but it’s really cramping your style, you can consider changing out the worn-out cushions. If it’s beyond the cushions, check to see if you can remove the fabric and stuffing. All you will need is new stuffing or foam and cover the chair or couch with your new favorite fabric.

It’s not just chairs and couches, though. You can get really creative when you’re reupholstering furniture. For example, if you have an old dresser you can add some fabric to line your drawers so it’s not just wood inside. Adding a touch of fabric can create a unique look.

Another idea is to empty the dresser, bring it outside, and sand it. Next, add a fresh coat of paint. Gray or white paint with some dark hardware always provides a major upgraded look.

Paint the Front Door


As you pull in your yard, you wish there was an upgrade you could do. Maybe you love your house but there’s something missing. Many times that one thing missing is a quick pop of color. For example, if your house is dark blue, white, gray, or even black –  a red door would provide a slight pop of color, while also giving your home an updated look.

Another great option is a black door. Painting your door can be a little worrisome because of not knowing what the results will be. Quick tip: Google “green house with black door” or whatever color house you currently have with the color door you want. This way you can get an idea of what you can expect.

There’s no doubt providing a coat of fresh paint and upgrading other areas of your home is exciting. Be sure to research what you’re doing if you’re new to such a project. Google and YouTube can walk you through pretty much any project on your to-do list. Make sure you have everything you need before you tackle your project for the best experience and results.

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