December 30, 2021

10 Ideas to Create Your Home Office

More and more people are working from the comfort of their homes, whether by choice or due to lockdown. If you were already working from home, you probably have established a dedicated area for your home office.  For those of you who are still looking to incorporate one, you may find that it is not an easy task. Here are some tips that may help.

1. Work Under the Stairs 

work station under stairs

If you do not have a spare room to work in, maybe you can make use of the space under your stairs. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend on your office area, you can make a small desk using a simple shelf and a chair, or you can contract someone to build a bespoke setup for that awkward area. 

2. Turn your Dressing Table into a Desk

dressing table with laptop on it

If you are limited on space or want to work away from the family, your bedroom may be the only solution. If you don’t have much space to hide your office supplies, consider adding a cupboard beside or under the dressing table.

3. Set up a Desk Behind Your Sofa

working desk behind sofa 1

If you have an open floor plan and use a sofa as a divider in the middle of the room, you can put a small desk behind it to create a small home office area. Add a beautiful desk lamp and a chair, but don’t forget to hide the clutter after you’ve finished working. You don’t want your living room to become a big mess, where you are embarrassed to invite friends and family over. 

4. Turn a Garden Room or Shed into a Home Office

shed home office

For those of you who have a small building in the garden, it could be the best space for your home office, as it has the added benefit of separating your work from your home life. 

5. Use Your Enclosed Balcony

home office balcony

An enclosed balcony can be a perfect place to make a small office nook. Just place a desk and some shelves on the wall to create a separate working area. If you are willing to spend more time on the project, you can always paint the walls and hang some curtains to feel more like a real office. 

6. In Your Closet

closet home office

Even an empty closet can be converted into a small office nook. Make sure you have adequate lighting and consider painting it a bright color, so you feel cozy instead of claustrophobic. This option even allows you to close the office after you are finished working. 

7. Fit a Desk into a Hallway

hallway home office

Try adding a console table near an entrance or a hallway, as they are often narrow enough to be placed along walls. Hang a mirror on the wall, and it can double as a vanity when you are not working. 

8. Hide Your Office in a Cupboard on the Wall

cupboard office

If you are very limited in space, add a narrow cupboard to a spare wall which can transform into a home office when opened. Build a falling board that can extend as a desk when the cupboard is open. You can hide your office clutter by simply closing it when you are finished working. As for the chair, if you do not have enough space to have one all the time, you can just use any chair from your dining table and return it when you’re done.

9. Extend Shelving

extended shelving home office

If you already have a library or any other kind of shelving, you can use it as an office space. Just replace one of the shelves with a longer one that can fit your laptop and a desk lamp. You can place a small chair in front of it, or temporarily borrow one from elsewhere in your home.

10. Home Office in a Cabinet

home office cabinet

Transform one of your old cabinets into a small working space by replacing one of the shelves with a sliding one. When you open the cabinet, you will have not only a desk but somewhere to store all your office supplies as well. When you close it back up, it is all out of sight.

In conclusion, remember that even the smallest space can be chic, so whichever office works best for your home, make sure it is warm, cozy, inviting, and bright. It is essential to be productive no matter what you do for a living. Put a plant nearby, use a beautiful desk lamp, paint the surrounding walls in bright colors or use a joyful wallpaper. Do whatever it takes to make sure you feel good while working.

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