September 17, 2021

11 Clever Ways to Use the Space Under the Stairs

The awkward space under the stairs usually goes neglected and unused. It may only be a tiny space but there is so much more you can do with it. Maybe you need extra storage, an additional toilet, office space, or even a kitchen extension. This small area can make a big change to your otherwise small home. I gathered some ideas to help you utilize this small space and expand its full potential. 



If you need additional closet space at home, this area is perfect for you. Add some shelving and extra hangers hidden behind a door, and there you have it. If the space is too narrow, consider pocket doors to make the most of it. 

Pull-out Lockers or Drawers

pullout drawers under stairs

Another great idea for extra closet storage is to add bespoke pull-out lockers or drawers. They can optimize the most of your space and can be used to store your shoes, coats, bags, and even your sports equipment. The best part of this smart storage idea is that with simple hardware, they can look sleek and beautiful from the outside 

Home Office

home office under stairs

Now that many of us are working from home, either by choice or due to lockdown, incorporating a home office has become a must. Transforming the space under the stairs into one is a great idea if you don’t have any other designated area for it. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend on your office area, make a small desk by putting a simple shelf and a chair, or contact a firm to build bespoke furniture for this awkward area. 


toilet space under stairs

If your home needs an extra bathroom, this is the perfect place to incorporate a half-bath. Not only will it be great for hosting guests, but it will also add value to your house. 

Laundry Room

laundry under stairs

If the space in your home is limited and you are not fortunate enough to have a devoted room for your laundry, the space under the stairs may be perfect for you. You can hide your washer and dryer behind doors, and with a good, bespoke design, you can have enough space to hide all your laundry supplies, including your clean linen. 

Reading Nook

reading nook under stairs

This is a great idea for book lovers. If you need an escape place to cuddle with a good book, just add a bench, fill it with some pillows, and you’re all set. For those with a bigger space, you can also build a library around and behind the bench, or fill the whole space with shelving for your books and just place a comfortable armchair in front. Your options depend only on your space, preferences, and needs, so enjoy the planning. 


playroom under stairs

What better way to convert your unused space than into a den for your kids? It will be a child’s dream space where they can enjoy playing and a perfect way to organize and hide all of the toys that would otherwise create a mess around the house. 


pantry under stairs

If you have a small kitchen, creating a pantry under the stairs may be the best storage solution for you, especially if your stairs are close to your kitchen. You can make a terrific pantry by adding multiple shelves to put all your groceries and food supplies.  

Kitchen/Bar Area 

kitchen bar area under stairs

Adding a wet bar under the stairs is a great way to impress your guests if you like to entertain. This is a perfect solution if you have a basement designated for entertainment, as you won’t have to climb the stairs every time you need to refill a drink or grab some snacks. It can also be a great extension for your kitchen if your stairs are near it. As always, it all depends on your needs. 


winery space under stairs

This might be the most extravagant way to use your free space, but if you are a wine lover it may be a smart idea. Having a wine cellar in your home is a bit of luxury, so I suggest you don’t hide it. Install glass doors so you can show your wine collection to guests and enjoy it yourself. Why else would you have it? (Except to drink it, of course! 😊)  

Pet House

pet house under stairs

The space under your stairs can be converted into a fun, bespoke pet house for those of you with a dog or cat. It can be a cosy nook for your furry friend to play and sleep, as well as a place to store all of their belongings. Maybe you don’t have a pet because you thought there wasn’t space for one in your home? Consider making a room for one under your stairs. 

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